Finally finished it!

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Finally finished it!

I have been working on this forever now, and I am finally calling it "done"
A friend's daughter just had a baby, and it is her first grandchild (and she does not want to be called Grandma :D) It's a paper bag album. Please excuse the glares.


1st & 2nd pages

Close up of the tag in the pocket.

3rd & 4th pages

5th & 6th pages

Close up of the tags that are in the bag behind page 2

Close up of the tags that are in the bag behind page 6

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Very cute!! I love paperbag books!

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She is going to LOVE that!! Wow!! So cute! The way you used blues throughout the whole album was pefect. I love the hidden tags too. That was so sweet of you.

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That is precious! She will treasure it I'm sure.

Seeing the baby and reading the birth stats reminds me of my firstborn. He weighed the same and was the same length too! (born at 34 weeks)

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So cute! She will love it!!
I made my MIL a brag book when my newphew was born. That was 3 years ago and she still has it sitting out for people to look at!

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That is perfect. I love it.

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absolutely adorable

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that is beautiful!!!! and I'm cracking up that she doesn't want to be called Grandma ... what does she want to be called? I really love the book, you did a fantastic job!

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that's so cute! Smile im sure she'll love it. how did you make that paper bag album? i think its a great idea!

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Absolutely adorable! It turned out so cute, I'm sure your friend will just love it!

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great job! Biggrin so sweet

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This is just beautiful! Where did you get the template or idea? It looks so neat.

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That is REALLY COOL! Ive never seen one of those before. What a great idea, and it turned out so very well!

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That is totally cute - I love it!