finally finished...(updated with pics)

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finally finished...(updated with pics) pregnancy scrapbook.

It is a very simple 8x8 album, + HPTs, a picture i used to tell DH we were pg, pictures of father's day cards to tell our dads last year, about 3-4 weekly belly pics on each page, a few pages of u/s pics, then the final page is journalling about going to the hospital, etc. since i don't have any pictures of labor Sad

I think I might print out my pregnancy journal and my birth story to put in the last 2 page protectors.

I won't post pics, since there are so many pages, and they are pretty simple, but I was so excited to finally finish the 36/37 week, 38 week, 39 week and labor pages.

ETA: maybe I will take some pics of some of the better, more interesting pages later Wink

Page with tests and how I told DH

(the silver pen is hard to read on the purple paper...On left it says "the day we found out...June 3, 2007" and on the page on the right it says "because one test wasn't enough to convince me that it's true..." and "cheap HPTs taken June 4-15" and "FR taken June 11, 2007")

Next is pictures of the father's day cards I made for our dads (so basically I scrapped pictures of scrap cards, haha)

Week 16-19 belly pics and first u/s pics when we found out it was a boy

Another u/s and more belly pics 27-29 weeks

More belly...

Last 2 pages...39 week pic and journaling stuff about labor and delivery

The journaling says "I went into labor Monday, Feb 11, 2008 at 39 weeks 4 days. We went to the hospital, arriving around 11:30 pm. Nathan Andrew was born on Tuesday Feb. 12, 2008 at 39 weeks 5 days at 1:52 am. He surprised Mommy and Daddy by arriving early. Nathan's story to be continued..." Then below it says "Present at the birth: Mommy and Daddy, Labor Doula - Joanna, L&D nurse - Amy, and Dr. A Sword."
Sorry for the glare on some. I definitely kept these simple...mostly just matted pics with dates/# of weeks...not much in the way of artsy or embellishments.

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Congrats! It is so nice to be able to call a project finished. I think you should definitely share some of your favorite pages!

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Hurray for finished projects!

I want to see some of the pages at least. Biggrin

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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Must feel great to be finished...I agree least SOME of the pages? Though I personally owuld wanna see all of them...I'm nosey though lol

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haha. I think its great that you finished the book. I only have 4 layouts from when I was pregnant. the test, the ultrasound, the heartbeat and then one of me and dh. I wish I had taken more pics.

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Woohoo! Glad you got it done Smile Feels great, doesn't it?

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You made an entire album devoted to your pregnancy? You rock! That's great!! I can't wait to see it!

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Its so nice to finish a project, I agree with pp I would like to see a few pages

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Oh my! The picture to tell him about your pregnancy made me cry! I love your book and think it is fabulous you are almost entirely done. I think your journaling/birth story would be a fabulous addition.

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thats so nice! I love it. It will be treasured.

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that is awesome!!!! I never did anything like that with any of my pregnancies, I think it's wonderful to see that time captured like that. great job!