Finally finished... (updated with pics)

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Finally finished... (updated with pics) best friend's wedding scrapbook! She was married memorial day weekend last year, but in all fairness, I didn't have all the pictures until september or october (maybe later, I can't remember). Sorry the pictures aren't the is rainy, and I took them inside. Some are already in the page protectors since I finished them earlier and they were in the right order. Thanks for looking...

First page:

Invitation, save the date, program:

girls getting ready pages:

(the 2 page spread of the bride and groom pics before the ceremony won't upload from my camera)

"here comes the bride" and page of the choir of friends (they both sing in choir) singing "Set me as a seal" including lyrics:

both families

bridesmaids and groomsmen

first dance/father daughter dance

toasts and cake cutting:

food, fun and friends

last page "they lived happily ever after"

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sorry you have to scroll over since the pics are big...didn't want to shrink them any more so you could see the pages.

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Great Job! My favorite is the "two families" pages. What cartridge is on that page for the font?

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My favorite is the two families page too. These are all great. She is going to love them!

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Thanks ladies! I think the "two families" is actually the font on the Zooballoo cart...don't quote me on that, though!

When I look back at the pages, they are very simple, but since it was for someone else and I had so much to do, I didn't want to go too crazy

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I think they are perfect! I love the little tux on the food fun and friends page!

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Lauren, that looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like a lot of work went into it, and I bet she loves it.

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What an amazing gift she will treasure forever. I bet she was thrilled to receive this. Wow!