Finally Good News (XP) UPDATE in #12

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Finally Good News (XP) UPDATE in #12

Not sure if I updated you ladies on this but:

I updated a few weeks ago that my therapist said DH should go see a Urologist. Well his urologist did a SA to see where we are with it. DH went from having 0% normal to having 50% normal. What changed? Instead of abstaining for 3 days prior his Urologist did 5 days! Yup 2 days gave us 50% more Normal spermies! Yahoo Also DH has been on the Anti-depressants so maybe that had an affect who knows. So the Uro said that we basically have to have perfectly timed intercourse.

We are going to try on our own for a few months (after my Lap see below) and if we don't get PG then we'll see about doing some injectible IUI cycles.

This is the BEST news we have had in a while.

Small update on the Lap: Last week I was seen in the ER for excessive bleeding while on AF. I had my follow-up with my Doc Tuesday. He suggested I have a Lap done to check and see if I have Endo. I'll be scheduling it for May.

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I'm glad you got some good news about DH. I'll remember you two in my prayers!

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That's great news Kebrina! I'll pray that God allows you to get pregnant on your own. KUP ok?

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great news! sure hope that your lap doesn't show anything bad (although the heavy bleeding is insane, I remember you posting about that on the BLC). but I'm so happy that your DH has more good spermies!

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Yay for good spermmies!!! GL girl!!

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Hooray for good news!!!! Yahoo I have an idea what you're going through. Dh has low motility and ended up needing to take clomid and zinc of all meds. But it definitely did the trick, bringing his good count from under 10,000,000 to over 28, 000,000! I hope you don't have endo and are able to conceive quickly with this news!

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That's great news! I hope that it gives you the chance to have perfect, healthy babies Smile

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that's terrific news! looking forward to hearing updates soon Biggrin

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Yay for good news! That's awesome! I hope and pray that it all happens on it's own! KUP!

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thats awesome!!!
hope all is well with the Lap!!

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Such good news!!!!

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Here's a funny update (XP)

Well the Urologist called DH today and told him to stop by the office this week to pick up a script for Clomid.

Here's how the call sorta went:

Caller Id: Urology...
Me: Hello
Doc: Good Afternoon may I speak with John (yes his legal name is John)
Me: Sure
Cart: This is John
Doc: .......blah blah blah
Cart: Okay so I just stop by the office
Doc:....blah blah blah
Cart: okay thanks. (hangs up phone)

Cart says to me: now I get to be the moody one ROFL

I think we have come full circle.

Basically the Doc said that the Clomid will help with Count. He'll take 25mg every day (not sure for how long) and redo SA in 3 months. I think with the clomid and the abstaining for 5 days we have a real shot.

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Awesome updates!

Too funny your dh gets to see what Clomid is like. He oughta love the hot flashes, huh? ROFL I hope this does it!!

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sounds like very encouraging news! definitely keep us posted Smile

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That is a pretty funny update. I hope it works out and that he doesn't get too unbearable.

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Wow! I didn't realize Clomid was for men as well. How funny! I am crossing all my fingers and toes for you guys Kebrina! GL!!

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I didn't realize that about Chlomid either. And funny DH saying he'd be the moody one now. But I'm thinking things are really looking up for you guys, awesome!!!!!

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that's great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am giggling now b/c of all the comments about your dear hubby. I pray that this is what you all need! KUP, but not too posted!! Wink

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So happy for you!! may this be just what you needed.....I'm thinking you'll be preggers soon!! Praying!!

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i really hope this is your ticket to get that baby!! and i laughed outloud at your DH's comment!! ROFL

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What great news for you two!!!! I will keep you in my prayers.

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That is such great news!