finally got to finish my page!

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finally got to finish my page!

ok so i stared at the graphically speaking booklet for atleast an hour before i actually started ANYTHING. so much stuff on that cart i swear! so after hours later..i finally finished 1 page! my poor baby is teething BAD. hes working on his front tooth and he wants to be attached to me at all times. ugh. so between him and my hubby calling and interrupting..its done! did i mention im absolutely in love with this cart?? Biggrin

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Wow I love this page! Love the mixed title and your buttons. Smile Graphically Speaking is awesome huh?! So glad you got it!

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VERY cool page!! Awesome job!

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Love how you put the word discover on there...very clever! Great job and great pics Ashley! TFS

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Very nice page! I really like the colors you used. Glad you like your new toy! Smile

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I love how you put discover on there. I have to remember that when I have a title that won't fit. Great page and sorry about the teething.

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thanks ladies. Smile thats funny that you all mention the discover on there because i took a pic of the page with my phone and sent it to my DH and he was like that cart jumbled the word like that?? and i told him yeah and it has more words too. he thought that was the coolest thing ever! haha

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I really love how that turned out. I wanted to get Graphically Speaking during the Michaels sale but they didn't carry it. I ended up with Wild Card instead. Sad

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I'm in love with your title - really love how you did that!

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Great job with the title. Love the colors and your buttons. Nice page.