Finally got some layouts done!

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Finally got some layouts done!

Hey gals! I finally got some layouts done so I though I would share. Remember, I am a be nice! LOL Wink

This one is pretty obvious. We were engaged in January 2007.

My first attempt at a dual layout. Again, pretty obvious what this is.

This is from one of my bridal showers. The left side has the invite and the right has the menu. I was really fortunate that my girls saved copies for me. There were also left over RSVP cards so I used those for photo mats. Daisies are my fave flower and were prominant at my wedding so I just HAD to use them. Wink

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Nice job!

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Those look awesome! I LOVE the paper you used for your "perfect pair" pages!

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they all look great, but I just love the layout and the daisies on the last one.

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Those are great and I love the daisies

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So glad you shared these. The Perfect Pair page is my fave!! Love your title. Clever use of the leftover invites and menus too on that page. love it!