Finally got some LO's done!!

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Finally got some LO's done!!

recent photos... Barney LO

(i wish the pics were with my camera and not my phone)

still doing some catch up =\.... another Jumperoo LO

im loving the birds on my LO's lately... but IRL i HATTTTTTTTTTTE birds. they freak me out lol

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Very cute!

My MIL hates birds too. I was at Disney once and a bird flew right into my cheek...freaked me out. totally understand your fear.

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I love those little chubby birds! Super cute LO.

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oh those birds are so cute! I really love the font on the Jumperoo page too. Great job!

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LOVE the Barney LO!! Such a neat idea! They are both good. TFS Beckie

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Well the birds on your page are so cute.... unlike real birds which can have that menacing look in their eyes. That Barney page is so much FUN. You perfectly conveyed his joy in it!

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i like those birds! very cute! i love the barney page!

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awww cute! loving that jumperoo page Biggrin

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I love the birds and I love how you made the i love you. I added that to my lift folder as I have to try it on paper! Thanks

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Both are cute!

I love the vibrantness (is that a word?!) of the second one! The birdies are cute, too.

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LOVE the birds getting bigger and bigger on the second one- I'm going to have to lift that! Smile Love the Barney one too and the extraction of Barney, really makes it complete!