Finally got some scrapping done

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Finally got some scrapping done

I have been really bad about printing photos lately and I have been getting no scrapping done. I finally got some recent ones done and am trying to catch up.

Family Portraites:

Sorry the pic is so bad, it is hard taking pics of glossy transparencies.

Baby's first Christmas:


Journaling says:
December 25th 2009 was Kaelan's first Christmas and our first one as a fmaily of three. We all got a good night's sleep and got up in the morning to go to church. After that we came back home and celebrated together just the three of us plus the cats. Kaelan of course got very spoiled by Santa and family friends. He had been such a good boy all year, he definitely deserved it. It was a very special Christmas for all of us!

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VERY nice!

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Way to go on getting some pages done (you have 8 months to catch up :lol:)

Love the two-page with the Christmas Tree.

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oh, those look terrific!! I love how you have the word Christmas on the title. I wish I thought to do that to my titles sometimes.

um, fyi, there's no "e" in portraits. thought you might want to fix that.

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Your journaling is so pretty! It looks like a computer font. Love the bright colors on both layouts. I've missed seeing layouts from you! You have a great style....

Did you make the tree?

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love the journaling on the tree page!

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Stephanie - LOL, my goal is definitely to be caught up when #2 comes along otherwise I'm scared of being forever behind. Luckily I'm not too badly behind right now, I have been scrapping only the basics lately though.

Gwen - Thanks for pointing out the portraits thing. Never hesitate to mention those things to me, I will always appreciate it. Another goal recently has been to try making my titles more unique so this was my go at doing a different title (for me). I have found Tia's stuff to be good inspiration for that.

Charys - Yes I cut the tree myself. I printed off as big of one as I could off of my computer's word art and drew it onto the green paper and then cut it out just a little bigger to get that.

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They look great!

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cool pages!!! Love them. And so funny seeing how you put his pics as Christmas ball decorations. I JUST did that last night on a page of our daycare kids! lol. Will post it when I finish the title later today Smile

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everyhting looks great!!!

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Great work Andrea. Glad to see you had some time to get some done.

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great pages!!! Biggrin

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I love them both! I really love the first one with the mix of circle and rectangle photos, really stands out!