Finally! I have pics

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Finally! I have pics

Sorry the pic quality is soooo bad, I didn't have great lighting and they are blurry.

This one I was going to enter in the circle challenge but I was too slow on the draw. At least I got to play around a little with circles which I don't do a lot of. Man, this one is really blurry! Sorry.

A fun one I had set pics aside for, I was actually 36 weeks pregnant, I need to make a new tag for the lo. I hand stamped the heart in the corner and the paper is really more pink than red, even though it looks red in the pic and the stamp and title are actually brown. I hate that you can't see it really well, I inked the edges of the title letters with cream so that they look distressed on the dark brown paper.

I finally got Abby's newborn lo done that I have been planning for literally a month. I'm so pleased with how it came out. I just need to buy some vellum for journaling on the right hand page next to the flowers.

These two were actually Emma's pages that I helped her with. She likes to scrapbook with mommy and she pics her own paper, pics and embellishments, I just help her stick them down and semi-organize the page for her. Although she picks the lo and everything, I just really kinda manage the chaos that is her scrapbooking Lol

Ok, that's them, TFL!

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Those are awesome Shana! I love all the embellisment details! TFS

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Those are great! (I can't wait for the day when Cadence and I can scrap together! - what a great time to treasure!)

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Aww, those are precious. Your circles came out great and I love all of the colors.

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those look great! I love Abigail's newborn layout, that's just gorgeous!!! and so cute that Emma likes to work on her pages. My kids like to scrapbook too, but it's too painful for me, I hate their color combinations. Lol So I bought them their own books and kits so they can store their own pages. But I haven't had the patience to crop with them in the last couple of months.

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Thanks gals! Biggrin

I had trouble scrapping with Emma at first, because I wanted to control everything and felt she was too messy. But, somehow I have figured out how to relax and let her do her own thing. It's really fun now Biggrin

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that 3rd one. How sweet! You did some great pages. I love your use of flowers. I have never used fabric flowers! TFS!

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You have some great pages. They look awesome!!

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i love the details. nice pages!

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Love your pages. It's so cool to see how comfortable you are with your belly. I won't ever be that way. I love her newborn layout. So girly and precious. It's sweet how you scrap together. I have been banned from scrapping with T.J. after hubby saw him wearing my headband and playing with some chapstick. Biggrin Oh, well. Maybe I will have a girl one day.

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Wow!! I'm impressed with them all! Even you daughter's LO's...I love her little creativity. So sweet. That would make any scrapbooking mother proud. Biggrin The Abigail Elizabeth newborn pages are beautiful!!!

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All of your lo are amazing! I love all the pink for Abigail! Beautiful work Smile