Finally a layout..

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Finally a layout..

Seriously as much as I love to scrap.. I just can't get any time to do it. I finally let the laundry and dishes sit and scrapped yesterday. I have to start making time for it at least twice a week. It keeps my stress level down just to get a little time to do something for ME. It's hard though because Allie is way more "needy" than Jamie ever was and I just don't get a lot of time to do things without her on my lap. lol

This one is of Jamie and his cousin. Thanks to Beckie for the idea for the quote. I stole it way back in February from this layout.

Thanks for looking.

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Wow! I really like it!

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Your layouts always inspire me for cards. Adding this to my scraplift folder!

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i love this! your style is one of my faves, my lift folder is full of your stuff(including this one!)

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I will sooo be lifting this! Smile

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Love the colors and the circle. Nice job!

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I agree! Your style rocks! Love everything about this one. TFS

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Angie, it looks great! love the circle and patterned paper you used.

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Go LO! I really like it a lot!