Finally... (pic heavy)

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Finally... (pic heavy)

I am posting some picture of LO's I have recently finished.

I did go to the crop the other weekend even though I was sick and I got some finished there and the others I have been working on whenever I get a moment when I am not to tired. Wink

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Very pretty! I love the flowers in the very first one.

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these are great! i really like the 2nd one!

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Very Nice!!! I really love numbers 1,2,3,4,5, ok well ALL of them!!!! You did great.

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Those are great! Love the preg ones!

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Those are all great! It was a treat to see them all. I really love the way you did the title on Blue Eyes and my fave is probably the first.

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Nice!!!! You have been a busy lady. Smile

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Wow, you've been busy! Those are all really good. Doesn't it feel good to get so much done? TFS

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