Finally posting a few things...

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Finally posting a few things...

I haven't had time to really sit down and scrapbook lately because Madison keeps me pretty busy. However, I did make two cards for DH this month. One was for our anniversary and the other for Valentine's day. Keep in mind that these are the first cards I have EVER made. These cards are very basic and simple. Hopefully one day I can keep up with all of you guys, lol. I'm also adding a picture of the mailbox I modified for Madison (I got it in the dollar section at Target).

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Very nice cards. I think they are cute, especially the second one.

Love the mailbox!!!

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I love Kraft paper and white...very nice! And your hearts are cute on the second card too...great job for your first!

The mailbox is darling! The grass is perfect on the side of it. Those were only a $1 at Target? Wow, how fun to alter!

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how cute!!! i love the second card! what cart did you use for the grass on the mailbox...soooo cute!

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"InspiredHeartDesigns" wrote:

how cute!!! i love the second card! what cart did you use for the grass on the mailbox...soooo cute!

I used Plantin Schoolbook. It's funny because I found it on accident as I was just flipping through the handbook while my letters were cutting. I knew there was a grass cut on there, but I didn't realize they had one with flowers.

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Those turned out really cute! I wish I had a mailbox like that for my desk!! Cute idea.

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Those turned out cute. Don't you just love the Target $1 bins!!!

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Wow...cute cards. I want some Kraft paper!! It's so cool. That mailbox rocks!! I did't know PS had flowers with grass on to check mine out!!

What will your daughter use that mailbox for, just for play? TFS

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cute cards, I dig the second one. and great job with the mailbox.

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Cute- Love the dollar spot!!!

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I love how you did the title on the second card, that's so neat - and great job on the mailbox too!

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loving it all!:D

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Good cards for the first time! Very nice. Love that mailbox!

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very cute!

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What a cute mailbox I love it. I want to see some pages on that adorable little girl. She is just beautiful!

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That mailbox is too cute! I need to look into that! Biggrin Your cards are adorable! I like simple. My fav is the 2nd one!

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Love the cards and that mailbox is just precious!