Finally...some cards

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Finally...some cards

Now that yesterday is over I finally got to sit down at my table and scrap for a few hours and DH left me alone Smile

So the following are sets of 6 of the same cards. They are christmas gifts for the ladies in our family. I still have 5 sets to make for the rest of the ladies. So yes I made 18 cards tonight Smile


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Those are very nice! Love the paper on the first one...very pretty! What a neat gift idea!

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nice! I really love the flowers on the first one.

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You picked some beautiful papers and I'm sure the ladies will love the personalized card sets. They are all lovely but the patterned paper you chose for that first one is beyond beautiful.

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Isn't scrapping such an awesome way to unwind!?! Glad you got to get some time to yourself AND got some Christmas gifts done! That's seriously impressive that you've started that project already. Wink

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those are great!!

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too cute!!!

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Those are great- I really love the background paper in the last one!

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Those are really nice!!! And WTG on starting your Christmas gifts already!

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Perfect gift idea and yay you for getting so ahead of the game!!

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Those are great! Personally, I would love to receive any of those cards as a gift so I'm sure the women in your family will be very pleased.