Finally some new pages.........

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Finally some new pages.........

I have been so busy that I haven't been able to scrap at all Sad I check in here every so often for some inspiration though. Zoe had her first birthday one month ago and I still don't have those pages done.........but I wanted to share my two newest pages from our June vacation:

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Very cute Nikol!!!!

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I love the orange gingham!! cute, cute!

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so fresh looking!:D

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What great pics and a doll she is. Oh, and great LO too. Smile

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those are adorable!! TFS

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Love the colors you used! And don't worry about being 'behind' on your pages! I don't think I know a single scrapbooker that is 'caught up'!

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Great pages! I love the orange! I think 1 is such a wonderful age! She is adorable! Biggrin

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Love all the different shades of orange. Zoe is so cute!

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Those are too cute! I love the siggy pic too, that is just the cutest face!

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Those are great pictures! Where in Wisconsin are you?

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Oh pretty! I like the color scheme.

Don't worry about birthday pics from a month ago. I still don't have her 1st birthday pics done from almost a year ago.

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Zoe is adorable. And your pages are fantastic. The orange first really shocked me but I like it.

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AWWWWW! She is SO cute! Love the flowers ... so girly and fun!


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"avalon321" wrote:

Those are great pictures! Where in Wisconsin are you?

We are up near Portage........actually hoping to move closer to Madison, like around DeForest (pending the sale of our current home) Smile

Do you live right in Madison? We commute in every day Sad