Finally some pages, PIC HEAVY

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Finally some pages, PIC HEAVY

Well I decided to share some of my favorites from joshuas first year scrapbook.. It's not completed, still has about 15 pages left needing to be finished.. but here are some of my favs..

First this is the size of his book, and I am sure that it will get a little bit bigger with the other pages I need to put in..and it sure is heavy to carry around.

A few days after he was born.. he was so tiny back then.

My niece would always hold his hand when he was sleeping in the bassinet, it was too cute.

His hand prints and foot prints on his one month, I did this every second month until he turned 2, now I am only going to do it yearly, and maybe only hands Sad

Just a chocolate pudding page..

Joshua surfing on the board with my aunt.

Pool fun!

He loved balls and still does to this day.

He wasn't to fond of this puppy.. lol

And I just had to scrap his crazy hair in the morning.. or what he had of hair.

These last two are not finished yet but I thought I would show them anyways..

Told you it was picture heavy..sorry if this was too many.. I promise it won't be this many again.. lol Hope you enjoyed!

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Wow, what a treat for the eyes! I wish I had the time to comment on all of them individually, but GREAT WORK!!!
Are the first two digital? I keep looking at them and they look digital to me. Smile THat's neat that you can do both....

The "It's Hard to Be Neat When Your Learning To Eat" page is my fave!!! It's adorable! And I love your big title.

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Wow, his book is awesome! I loved all the pages you shared. Did you make the titles with a Cricut?

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The first two are digital.. sorry i forgot to say that.. lol..

Most of the titles are cut from my cricut machine.. I love that thing.. Need to get new mats to.

I can't wait to be done and over with his first year and finally get working on his second year book:)

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oh, I love seeing so much at once!!! I like your style. Smile the handprints idea is great.

the bedhead is super cute! and I think I have that same paper that you used on Surfer Dude, I haven't figured out what to use it on.

and that's one thick 1 year book. I should take pictures of the thicknesses of my books - that's a neat idea. I mean, just for comparison. (each kid has first year, then I have family books for each year)

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Wow!! Those are all really good! I too liked seeing so many at once, it's nice to scroll through and feel like you're loooking at your book. I like your style, and all of them are very nice. TFs