Finally...some pages to show!

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Finally...some pages to show!

Man...i've barely done anything paper (or digital for that matter!) forever!! Here some some I did...some some that were done for me..

Sorry for the terrible has been snowing here since 7am (now 1:30) so I have no naturally good is dark and icky outside.

This was what a scrapgroup calls "Trading Faces" (Trading spaces..). Anyway, we swap photos and scrapbook someone elses family. This one was done for me by a friend..about my DD on the 4th of July.

This was another that was done for me in "Round Robin" style. We all brought our pics and things that coordinated, but we didn't get to work on our own pages. Every 5 minutes we got up and moved to another layout and had to do something to it. This was my DD's first birthday. ones *I* did! Smile
My DS Derek at 3 months old

Derek at 2 days old

Derek at 1 week old

And finally...some birthday invites and birthday bags for my DD's 3rd birthday in a few weeks

Thanks for looking!

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I LOVE those ideas for the scrapgroups. i'll have to bring that up the next time i'm at a crop!

I also love the veggietales invites, those turned out realy well!

I can't wait to see more from you! Smile

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Great stuff! The invites are hecka cute. I think I've caught a few episodes of that show. LOL

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Those are all great! It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your scrapbook group.

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Oh what great work! I love the invitations they're so fun!

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WOW! Awesome pages!! I love the idea for the scrapgroup!!! WOW!

Good job on the invites as well.

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My favorite one is the one you made with the three tags attached with the brads. But all of them are so great! I absolutely LOVE the ideas you shared with us. I can't wait to try them next time my girlfriends and I get together. TFS those. And the invites are so cute. I love how you played on the veggie words. Smile

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I love the veggie words, that is so creative!
And my fav is the first one -- you've got so much detail on it, it's great!

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Oh, fun! I think it's so neat that you do different things like trade pictures. But I really love the idea of working for a little bit on a page and then rotating - cool!!! Those pages came out great.

And I love the Derek pages - they're awesome!!!

Great job on the invites!! My kids used to be big on Veggie Tales, I think I need to introduce Natalie to them. Wink

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gorgeous pages.

absolutely adorable

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those are great

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they're all so wonderful! the b-day invites and bags are BEYOND precious!!!

great job!

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You have been busy! When you get going, you really do some nice things! I like the round robin idea, I bet the pages are generally very interesting Lol The invites and menu are adorable, good job. Everything is great!

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So cool. You have some great layouts and your scrapbook group sounds like a lot of fun. The invites are awesome. I love the Veggietales and it is great that you were able to make stuff for a party.

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You've been busy!!

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Those are some really cute pages! I love your scrapgroup idea! Too cute! Those Veggie Tales invites are ADORABLE!