FINALLY! (Updated with pic)

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FINALLY! (Updated with pic)

I finally came up with a LO using my scrapbook factory for Ryne's bday invites and I would love to show you ladies but I can't figure out how to save it to upload it to my photobucket. Right now I saved it in PDF format, does anybody know how to save it to jpg?

Ok here it is...

Thanks guys! My brain is not quite working today. I wanted to line the edges where the blue meets the brown with ribbon but I can't find any I like :confused:

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Save the document again but at the end change PDF to JPEG, it should save it to jpeg form. Super easy!

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As Aja said, click on "save as" and then on the bottom drop down, select to save it as a jpeg file. PM me if you need further help.

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that is so gorgeous!! Great job!

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Those are really, really fabulous!!! Everyone that receives them will get a little mini-picture gallery. And I LOVE brown and blue together. NICE JOB!!

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very cute

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That turned out great - and I love the poem!

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Awww, it turned out sooooo cute! Great job!

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that looks really nice!

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Oh my goodness! That's adorable!

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awwww... the journaling is super cute! So is your little man. Good work, mommy!

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Very Nice!! It looks fabulous. TFS!!

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It is fantastic. Seriously, people are going to love it. I think it is adorable!

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Its 1000% adorable. I couldn't think of a more perfect card.

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That is adorable! I love it.


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It's wonderful! I love the poem too. Smile

Where are you getting them printed?

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Thanks Everyone! I'm not sure where I am going to get them printed. I saved them for a 5x7 format because i want 5x7 invites, any suggestions on who does the best printing?

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Another great poem about turning 1! Great job!