Finished Exploding Box #1

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Finished Exploding Box #1

Well, I finished my test box! I also cut all of the squares for 10 boxes and 10 lids. Whew! I ordered wallet size prints ans am having to trim them to fit. I think that's the most time consuming part for me. I am sooo glad I have a paper cutter because I am no good with scissors! Anyway, here is the finished product!

I know there are lots of others making them... I can't wait to see yours, too!

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That turned out fabulously! Smile Who are you giving them to?

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1. DH's mom
2. DH's dad & stepmom
3. My parents
4. My sister
5. My brother
6. My mom's parents
7. My dad's mom
8. My dad's aunt
9. My aunt
10. Me!

So, basically, family that we will see around Christmas time

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Wowee ! Great work! I love it Biggrin

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Wow! That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

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Great work Carrie!!

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"Princess Leia" wrote:

10. Me!

I like this one Smile I think I'll have to make myself one too

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That turned out great! You are going to be busy!!

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that turned out awesome!!

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Very pretty Carrie, I am working on mine now, hopefully will have pics to post later, I didn't get pics printed to put in yet, I was going to get 4x6, will they be too big?

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Yeah, Sarah, 4X6 will be too big. I printed mine as "wallets" at Sams - 17 cents for 2 wallets

the wallets are about the size of my siggy pic and I have to trim the edges

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Yeah, I'm so bad with measurements, I realized the 4x6 would be way too big, I made a test box, not sure if I like it or not, I'll probably post pics tommorow, maybe I'll get some prints after work!

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LOVE it!!1 Biggrin

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That looks amazing! I think this was posted before, but isn't there a link of how to do these?

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you cut enough for 10 boxes? :o That's great! Your first box turned out fab! Love the mulberry paper? you used for the top.

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