first bath LO

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first bath LO

I was able to enter the first page into a challege (scraplift), and I finished up the second page this morning so I thought I'd share them together.

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I love it ..those bubbles rock! Biggrin

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That is adorable!

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Too cute - and to answer your question in the scraplift thread, yes, I totally thought of the froggy hooded towel when I saw it!

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So very adorable.

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Love it Linda!! Those pics are just great too!! Is there a baby yet that doesnt' scream for his/her first bath?? LOL

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Very, Very Cute! Those are the coolest looking bubbles I have ever seen!!

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The duckie cracks me up. That's great!

(My kids cried for their first bath at home- the sponge bath kind. But all three have LOVED the in the water kind of baths from their first time)

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That is so cute! I love the frog:)

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LOL at the duckies over the wee wee ROFL The two pages together look great!

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I LOVE this. I think the colors are really nice and bubbles blend in perfectly!

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That duckie is just the darn cutest!

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That is just so, so cute! I can't get over the little guy in the corner and the bubbles are great.

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It's adorable! Those bubbles are great and so is the little, well-placed duckie!

I love that it's not the "traditional" colors of a bath layout.


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hehehe cute!!

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love the duck!! that's so funny he screamed. is he better now? miles LOVES bath time.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

love the duck!! that's so funny he screamed. is he better now? miles LOVES bath time.

Brandon is still not a big fan of bathtime... but hopefully in time that will change. Smile I love that shirt that Miles is wearing - it makes me laugh!

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The pages look great together! And I agree - those bubbles are so cute! BTW, I could totally tell that was a hooded towel. Nice job!!! Smile

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very cute. I love the bubbles as well and love how you used the duckies to cover up. so cool