First big order (Pics)

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First big order (Pics)

I just finished my first big order- 30 invitations to a Christmas Tea for my MIL. She was adamant about having pink, sparkly, Victorian based writing and poinsettias to make it Christmasy.

Materials wise it cost $.61 per card. I charged MIL at cost (since she's family). She ended up buying me a year's supply of gluten free flours (25lbs brown rice, 25 lbs cornstarch, 25 lbs tapioca, and 4-16oz bags of potato starch) as a bonus because she was so pleased with them.

She also asked me if I'd take orders. She says she has a friend getting married that would love my work. She also said she had several friends looking for quality cards to give to their secret pals. She told me her friends are used to paying up to $5 for a card like my invites, so she is going to handle pricing for me so I get fair value for retired old people who winter in Arizona. Hopefully this garners up more work.

I'm not sure the poinsettias were needed, but it fulfills her wishes. Smile The sparkle factor is in the paper (used either shiny or sparkly paper for almost everything).

Close up

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PS It was nice to be praised from MIL. She most definitely tells me how she feels on all things, good or bad... and she usually finds at least some little fault with everything I do. I was shocked she didn't have a single bad word.

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These are great! You did an amazing job! LOVE the colors! YAY for getting more orders! KUP okay? Glad to hear that MIL is praising you!

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Those look great!

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beautiful! I have some of that same paper (the luxury stack or something???)

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oh I really like them!! Great work! And congrats on pleasing the MIL Wink

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those are really awesome. Bonus on pleasing the MIL! And rightly so! They turned out beautiful!

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Great job! Awesome that your MIL is your business manager as well! I hope you're able to establish a big customer base and quickly! What fun!

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Congrats on all accounts Michelle! Those are great!

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Those are fantastic Mish, it isn't any surprise that MIL had nothing but praise for them. I hope you get many more orders soon, sounds promising.

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Wonderful! They turned out beautiful and I do like the poinsetta (not necessary but still looks great)

I'm so happy she loved them. Sounds like high praise! Love that she paid you bonus with flour! I hope you get lots more work - wedding would be a big order Smile