First cards

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First cards

So I made Mother's Day cards for my Mom and my MIL. This is my first time making cards and I actually really enjoyed it. Though I think I will like it much better when I get a cricut and can cut out words on matching paper! So hard to find letter stickers to match!

The one for my Mom:


The one for my MIL:


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Love them both!

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LOVE that first one! So cute how you used a flower for the "o". Smile Great job on your first cards! It's addicting. Wink

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wow! those are amazing! are those really your 1st cards? Wink

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Those are really nice, WTG on your first cards. I'm sure both your mom and MIL will love them.

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I love all that purple! Very good job, I too can't believe those are your first. Nice work!

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Those are really cute! I can't believe that those are your first!

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hey great work! My fave is the second one Biggrin

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those look terrific! love the "o" on the first one, clever!