First page in over 6 months!

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First page in over 6 months!




Hidden journaling behind pic
Journaling: Jazzy, this morning you woke up late and missed the bus. I was upset because this was not the first, second, or third time this has happened. Minutes before we were to leave, you walked down the stairs in a dress that was way too short for you. Since I was already upset I said "Jasmin, that looks horrible!'' We were already late so you just put a pair of shorts under your dress and we left.
You were quiet on the ride to school I was feeling bad regretting my words. Why didn't I say it was too short or un appropriate???
When you got out of the car I called your name. I told you as your mom I don't like the dress but as your friend you look really good. You smiled and went into school.
Your my only girl and I just don't want you to grow up as fast as I did. Even though you looked too grown up, you still looked beautiful! Sorry babe,next time I will pick a better word. Love you, xoxo mom

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Oh Tia! That is beautiful. Your journaling actually has me in tears. It is so honest and I love it so much!

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Love the pink roses ribbon! I always see it and think it looks so cool, but I don't know if I could pull it off as well as you do! Very nice!

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the gifts you are giving to your lovely young lady just make my heart jump - not only are you capturing and saving all of these memories, but your love and support flow through every photo, every page. You are setting her up to be a confident and secure woman who I am certain will blaze a path to personal happiness. And who could wish for more for their child?


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gorgeous LO as usual Tia!

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Thanks girls you made me feel alot better after feeling like a bad mom yesterday. She came home all happy and forgot it ever happened:)

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Just Lovely! I agree that the journal entry is so very special. TFS with us!

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Tia, that's awesome! I love the page, and I love the photo, and as soon as I finished reading your journaling, I loved that too. I think it's awesome how you admit that you're human in this note to your daughter, something that's part of your history now that you've included it on a layout.