First solids layout

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First solids layout

This is a page that I did of my son's first experience with solid foods. Smile

Homeroom collection by K Giarrusso
Young Man Collection by Amanda Sok
First Car Alpha by Studio Bears Garten


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Looks Great I love it!

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TOO cute! Love everything, especially the use of negative space!

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ooooh, I *really* like this!! The wording at the top, the pictures, the title, the dots!!

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that is just so cute. Great job Biggrin

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ROFL That is great! I love the whole lo! You did an amazing job! The journaling added that perfect touch!

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Too funny! Its a great LO I like the whole thing how it turned out!

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GREAT LO! I love it! The journaling wrapped around the pictures is great. And I love your borders.

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I love it:D

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hehehe too cute!

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I absolutely LOVE that page! I would love to sit and watch you scrapbook all day. Each and every one of your pages is just spectucular.

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"crazy j" wrote:

I absolutely LOVE that page! I would love to sit and watch you scrapbook all day. Each and every one of your pages is just spectucular.

hahaha you would totally freak if you could see how completely chaotic my scrapbooking style is. It's a miracle that any of my pages get finished much less come together halfway decent. I just throw a bunch of things out there and then change a bunch of stuff around and then change it all around again and somehow things sort themselves out. (that is why I love digital, cause you can do that sort of thing)

But thank you all for the nice compliments, this is such an encouraging board. I love it!

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AWESOME everything about it!

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Smile I love it. I love the text at the top as a little add-on. It gives your page extra detail. I also like the title.

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Kelly, that layout ROCKS! I think in part because the journaling is so good. I just love how you described his first solids coupled with your expectations. Smile and great use of all of the elements, love how you used stuff from different kits.

(I'm so not in a hurry to feed Jack solids, that's for sure)