First Valentine's Day LO - Edited with journalling

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First Valentine's Day LO - Edited with journalling

My DD's First V-day ... she was 9 days old, and dh actually teared up when he came home and saw her in her 'I Love Daddy' Onesie ... I realized after I saved though that I forgot to put the year, so I'll add that before I get it printed.

ETA: Ok, so I added the date and the journalling - you gals were right, it needed journalling (before I forgot that story).

Credits (clickable):
Paper, title background - Joyful Days kit - Vera Lim
Fat Casual Custom Fill Chipboard Alpha - Lauren Bavin
Swirls, heart, fill on alpha - Sentimental Swish page kit - Tina Chambers
Frames - Vintage Stax II - Robin Carlton
Fonts - CK Long & Lanky, CK Girl

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Very cute. It turned out great. I love the heart/frame. I think it would be great if you put some journaling on there similar to what you wrote for us above the picture.

Thanks for including all the credits, etc. I love seeing where everything came from.

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GREAT page. I love the simplicity of it! She is just precious! Biggrin

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oh, I love it. I usually fill up my layouts with pictures, so I am always surprised when I see one like yours and it looks so good. I need to take a step back and try something like that.

but I think you should journal about your DH. Smile

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i agree add some journaling about daddy

great layout

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beautiful! that pic is precious and i love what u did with the lo!

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Awww, I love it! The journaling adds a great finishing touch.

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Sooo cute!

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This LO really rocks! Great job! What a sweet story she will cherish forever.

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Very sweet!

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Very cute!! Great job!!

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so glad you added the journaling - it really captures the memory. Wink

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Nice LO!! love your style!

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I LOVE IT!!!!! so beautiful