Fish Bowl card & another Bee Card

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Fish Bowl card & another Bee Card

I made these before bed last night. It was raining cats and dogs, so I couldn't sleep anyways. Wink

I cut the fish and bowl from friend let me borrow fun! I cut another bowl from transparency to make it look like "glass".

Hap-Bee Birthday!

and the inside...I've been trying to finish the insides of all my cards lately....I think it adds so much.


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Too cute! Love the little googly eyes on the first ... and you're right, the inside would add so much to it!

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So cute!!! I can't tell you which one I like more. And you are so right, adding the inside is a huge touch to a card.

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Both are amazing but love love love the bee card it is way too cute. I love the little flowers all around and the denim look to the blue paper with dark blue stitching.

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I love the bee card so much you're inspiring me to finish the insides of my cards again. I used to add elements inside but then I let myself stray from it... it was just easier not to when no one else seemed to be either.

Oh, and way to control the stickle usage. You did a great mix- not too much, but just enough to pop!

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They are both great! Love the bee card.

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Those are really cute! I really love the Bee card!

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Impressive that you are doing the insides of the cards too! The fishie is so cute with the google eyes! Love them!

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You HAVE to be exhausted!! Making cards??? You are like superwoman or something. Smile Great work, they are both so cute.

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That is awesome that you used transparency for your fish bowl and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little bee!

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i love the little bee!! its adorable

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Charys, those are so cute. I'd be so excited to get either of those. I love the fish bowl with the "glass" look.

I agree that finishing the inside of a card makes it some much more "done"!

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oh, how clever to use transparency on the fishbowl! I need to remember that. you're too freakin' creative, I can't stand it! ROFL And the bee is super cute, I love how you did the inside too.