Fixed Candylane + two cards

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Fixed Candylane + two cards

I finally fixed the Candylane layout, thanks to your great ideas. I used Charys' idea and cut smaller kisses, then covered them with glitter glue and used pop dots to pop them up. Used blue glitter glue to simulate the Hershey's writing on the white strips. I am VERY HAPPY with how this came out, and am so appreciative of your great ideas. (for reference, here's the link to the original layout)

candylane fixed

Close up of some of the kisses

candylane kisses

And DH told me late last night that my nephew is receiving his First Communion this weekend, so I made him a card (didn't start it until almost 10 tonight, my day pretty much sucked with no time for myself). I think it came out cute. The little communion hosts have the flash reflected off them - they're a bit glossy but not shiny like the picture seems.

spencer card

spencer card inside

And this is the card Charys sent me, just had to share it because it's so pretty. I'm keeping it hanging in my crop corner as inspiration. Smile

charys card

Okay, it's 1:15 and I'm about two hours overdue for bed. *sigh* I wish the day was longer than 24 hours.

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Great job! Those hershey kisses are so cool! And TFS that card CHarys sent you, it's so pretty!!

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I think the kisses look much better! Biggrin Love the first communion card! Love your idea of keeping Charys' card for inspiration!

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Very cute kisses and pretty card!

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ok those kisses are just too cool! and i love the card! Charys' card is adorable too!

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Darn it...I just lost my post. Blum 3

Starting again....

That was exactly what the layout needed. The hershey kisses rock. Ok, how are you cutting those? They're not on a cartridge are they? I'd looove some. Wink

Love how you did the blue eyes on the communion card. Did you do that with a blue marker?

ah, you're so sweet to post the card I made.

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I didn't think the hershey kisses looked bad before, but that really did add a nice touch!

And cute cards!!! (Both of you! ;))