Flickr :(

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Flickr :(

Cheapo me won't pay to upgrade my flickr account, so I apologize...I have to go back to uploading all my projects to Photobucket. Sorry Sadie!

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I opened a flickr just for my scrap pages since Sadie mentioned it! It has the added bonus of keep my scrap pages off my photobucket that my nosy inlaws are always checking. Smile I haven't gone over my monthly upload limit yet, though.

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I guess once you reach 200 pics it won't allow you to upload anymore, unless you upgrade too. I keep deleting old photos, so I can add more new ones, but it's getting to be a real pain. Sad

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I love our upgrade. We have had it a year and just paid for another year. I have over 16,000 pics on ours. It is the best pic site I have used for that many photos as photo bucket hit a limit too and was not as user friendly.

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Sorry I upgraded my photobucket a long time ago (hence why I use photobucket).

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You are too sweet Charys. I have the same problem. I am over my limit too, and I don't plan on upgrading. I still haven't shut off our internet at home. :rolleyes: It's just not something I want to do yet. We shop online often, so I still want it. Thanks for thinking of me though.

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I use photobucket...hmm didn't even know they have a limit. Obviously I haven't reached it yet! LOL!

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I have no idea wht you guys are talking about. I don;t have flickr and I've never uploaded so many things to photobucket that it told me I reached my limit. I didn't even know there was a limit.

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I'm too cheap, too .... I use photobucket for that - but noone I know IRL knows that account, so ... I guess it's ok.