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This forum..

I mentioned this in another post but I just wanted to say it again here. I LOVE this board. I have been a member at a bunch of scrapbooking forums and I always leave so disappointed. I never feel like I really fit in because I am not able to scrap with a lot of the popular products. I have to scrap by a big time budget! I don't care about getting published and for me its all about having fun while putting memories down on paper for my family. I really enjoy coming here because I love the support! You guys are all great and I really enjoy seeing your layouts and projects!

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I feel the same way. I think because we are a group of women with similar interests other than scrapbooking that it helps us keep focus on the fun aspect of scrapbooking. While I think it would be neat to be published, it's not the end all be all of it for me. I would just like to have some memories that i can cherish forever.

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Yep. i LOVE that there isn't any sort of 'competition' to this forum. We all have different styles and budgets and i feel like they are ALL welcomed and accepted, because it is about the memory it's making..NOT about what brand you use, or if you get published. It truely is just about memories here. And if you get published..WOO HOO!! we'll celebrate with you, but that isn't what this board is all about. You ladies are wonderful, and have been there for me even through non-scrapbooking times!!! Smile

HUGS to you all!

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Ditto what you all said! I love being able to share w/out worrying whether or not someone will make a rude comment. I've never seen a rude comment on here - ever!

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ITA with all of you. I've been to other scrapping boards and they are more competitive but here it's completely different. I LOVE this board!! You guys are all great.

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I love that aspect here too!! It's what makes this board what it is. :bigarmhug:

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I have never been to any other scrapping places but this board really is GREAT. I love it here and felt comfortable sharing lo's and chatting with you ladies from the get-go! :bigarmhug:

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I ADORE this board. I post here as often as anywhere else, and I really appreciate all you ladies out there. :bigarmhug: I love how there is no competition and how we respect each other. Love you guys!

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I agree too ... I visit this board daily ... and I love seeing what everyone does, and don't feel any sense of competition or that I can't post my work because it's not good enough compared to some (if that makes sense).

I was posting some on another SB board, and it seemed like it was work. Odd, huh? But it's always pleasant to post with you ladies!

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I totally agree, the reason I joined is because of this board! You all are so wonderful here!

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Ditto! This board is so much fun, other scrapbook boards seem like so much work!

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Ditto to all the above LOL I get so many ideas for good pages here! Some forums at scrapbooking SITES make you feel inferior because of the talent out there, and I love that it isn't like that here.

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Awww, I love all the warm fuzzies. You ladies are all wonderful! I don't have any experience with other SB boards, but I sure love this one and agree that everyone is so accepting and nice about everyone's work.