Found a sitter for Cohen! OT and XP

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Found a sitter for Cohen! OT and XP

I'm sooo excited!! I finally found a daycare/sitter that I can bring Cohen to when I start work. I'm going to start April 26th, so sooner than originally planned.
He's going to stay at the Methodist Pre-school here....they take ONLY 4 infants and usually there is a huge waiting list, but things just worked out (God opened a door!!) and I was able to get Cohen in!!! I'm shocked and soooo happy!! I registered him today and spent an hour talking to the staff and checking out the infant room. It's sooo nice. And the best part is they'll take breastmilk. Smile My freezer supply won't go to waste. YAY!!! There is another baby in there that is EBF and they already warm her bottles. I love that there is only 4 babies total with 2 adults. One is a full-time employee, the other is a rotating "foster grandma" as they're called to come rock and sit with the babies. Cohen will be the youngest. There is a girl born in December, an 9 month old and an almost year old. Smile

Anyways, had to share the awesome news!! The only bad thing is that it ends June 3rd and will resume August. They follow the school's schedule. But one of the ladies there already offered to take him a couple days a week during the summer. PRAISE THE LORD!

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That is such a blessing Charys!! I know how hard it is to find good childcare, I'm so glad things worked out for you!

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That is awesome news, so glad you found reliable care for Cohen!

(although boooooooo for having to go back to work!)

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That is awesome! I am so glad it worked out for you.

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that is fantastic news!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad for you, you must feel a sense of relief knowing he will be well cared for those days.

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Yay Charys! God certainly answered that prayer! How exciting! I sad you have to go back to work too. Will Kayson still stay with Scott? It sounds like he will be good hands at least. Good for you!

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We've already talked but just have to say again how happy I am for you and Scott....such wonderful news Biggrin

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What a relief!!! That is wonderful news! Smile

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That's wonderful news Charys!! I am so glad to hear things are working out so well for you!

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This is AWESOME news! Yahoo Hoping everything works out for the best! Glad to hear that they take bm! That's always good! Biggrin Gotta love how God opens doors RIGHT when you ened them!

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Charys, that is wonderful news! It sounds perfect!