frames for basment

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frames for basment

We finished our basement for x-mas. But last spring when money was tight we started the project and I hired my friend who is a professional photographer to take pictures of our Pant Party event. We had all our kids friends come over and help us paint the floor.

I then took a one of each child and they will get hung on one of the playroom walls.

And when I did the letters some of them got put on backwards I have to go back and fix them but you can see what I was trying to do. Once I fix them and hang them on the wall I will take a new pic to share.

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Thats really cute!

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That's a great idea! TFS!

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I like how you have a picture of each of the kids in matching frames. They will look nice hung on the wall! Be sure to take another pic when they're hung...I'd like to see that. Wink