Framing pages as gifts...need feedback

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Framing pages as gifts...need feedback

I'd like to make a framed page for a friend as a gift. I also plan to make framed pages with a quote or something on them to give hostesses at my upcoming baby showers. The style I plan to use for each is something that they can use as home decor or set on a desk or something.

What do you suggest? I've only done LOs on the 12x12 paper, but I'm not sure I can get a frame to fit that size. If you've done this before, what size paper do you recommend, and do you have any other helpful tips before I get started?

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I'm sure there's got to be a square frame available larger than a 12x12 size, then just mat around the page. I've also see shadow boxes done w/ pages and they look really cool.

Not a great picture, but here's the shadow box...

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There are 12x12 frames specially for layouts to showcase on walls, etc. But...I have found them to be kinda spendy, like up to $30. I think what I would do is find frames first that you like and then make your creation to fit into it. For's really easy to find an 8x10 make it 8x10. That's what I would do.

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I agree with pp, make an 8x10 page. It's super easy! It's just like a 12x12, but smaller. Smile You can get layout ideas online. Here is a place that i like to go to...they have 12x12 and 8x10 LOs

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I recomend a smaller one so that it can be used in more locations. 12x12 might look funny on a desk! I've done 8x8 before (digital of course) that turned out nice.

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I've gotten 12x12 frames at Michaels for $5. But they are big. I'd also stick with the 8x10 for projects like that. Great gift idea!

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Sounds good - thank you so much!

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I made these for family members for Christmas. They are in an 8x8 frame. They aren't exactly scrapbook pages, but they are similar.
I was really happy with the way they tunred out and everyone seemed to like them.

There are more, but you get the idea.

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hey pickle in middle, step out of lurkdom!! Biggrin Those are beautiful! Smile
And I agree with the others. If I'm scrapping gifts to frame, I always keep them 8x10. \-

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I agree with the pp, 8x10 is what I do! I would like a 12x12 for myself, but I stick to 8x10 for family and friends!

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Thanks again - I enjoyed the link, as well as the photos and ideas. You ladies are awesome! Once I finish the gifts I'll show you how they turned out.