Free Cute Digital Kit -- Pirates

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Free Cute Digital Kit -- Pirates

It's in a couple of downloads (I think the alpha is still to come?). But I had to share b/c I think it's really cute!

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cute! remind me to check for the alpha later, I'm so bad at remembering to finish kits like this. Smile

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Oh thanks Smile maybe it will come in handy some day!

eta: bookmarked it to download later. i'm listening to music and don't like it when other websites have music Lol

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Very cute!

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Cute! Some of those digital kits are just too fun.

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Almost makes me wish I did digital.

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My computer better get here. That is going to be the first thing I download. (Not really looking to do digital, but I'm getting photoshop and want to mess around). My older two LOVE pirate things.