Free template made from one of my pages

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Free template made from one of my pages

I get to host 1 challenge a month over at Scrap Orchard, and this month was the mystery challenge, which I turned into a template challenge. So I made a template from one of my pages. Thought I'd post the link here in case anyone is interested Smile

The thread with the link is here:

It's based on this layout:

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Cool! I would totally do this if I was digi!

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Hmmm...I think I will make a paper version of that LO!

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awesome! i totally downloaded it and will definitely use it... just not sure when... i really need to catch up on my Project 365 (which I'm about 6 weeks behind in scrapping!)

Oh, Trina, today when I was on, Cadence was beside me and she saw that really adorable picture of Kaitlyn and she goes "oh, I want to go to her house!" Smile

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Love it, Trina!

I have about 20 templates that I've downloaded and would like to use, but I can never figure it out.

I feel like I barely have time to breathe right now, but one day I will sit down and figure it out....thank you for sharing!!!! Smile

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Linda, that's hilarious! Smile

StateChick - check this out:

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LOVE that LO girl! Gorgeous!!

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cool! thanks for sharing it, adding it to my collection. Wink

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That was sweet of you to share, thank you.