Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

What habit do you have that you wish you could break?


I have such a bad habit of eating out of boredom or eating while watching tv. I totally could quit if I wanted to as I have lots of times and have cut down lately too...I just love it too much to want to really quit at the moment. LOL

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binge drinking... JUST KIDDING LOL I don't drink at all cause I am nursing.
Sorry I am tired.
I have this habbit of sticking my tounge to a certin tooth. Not only do I look like a moron when I do it but I will do it so long without knowing that I get a cramp in my tounge.

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i just eat when im bored... and just eat and eat and eat.
half the time in not even hungry. and im never gonna get this damn weight off this way. Sad

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stating my opinion when it may not be wanted

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I am absolutely horrible at it and every time I swear I'm gonna do better and i don't.

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oh gosh which one to choose! lol I need to stop being so lazy and actually do housework. i know that if i kept on top of it each day it wouldn't be that bad, but i get lazy one day and then the next day it's 2x worse and then i get overwhelmed and let it go for a week because i don't want to deal with it. If i igore it, it will go away right? lol

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biting my nails!!!

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I'm with Liz.

And all of mine have been stated.

Biting my nails
Not doing housework....
The list continues, but it's too long and I actually do have to work today.

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Like Nancy I would have to say procrastinating. Whenever I'm excited about something I have no problems but when its day to day stuff boy do I suck at it. DH is just as bad as me so our children are doomed to be procrastinators. We have to try to break bad habits so that our kids aren't raised thinking its ok.

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Procrastinating. That's a biggie for me.

I used to bite my nails, but I finally quit......only to bite my lip until it bleeds. :rolleyes:

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Procrastinating........and spending way too much time online when I am home for the day and need to get other things done (I guess that is the same thing though Smile )

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Oh Lord, I could just go on and on with this one!

I eat when I'm hungry, full, happy, sad, awake, asleep! ROFL Definitely would like to break that habit.

I have some quirky habits associated with OCD. Like I'm a total counter. I can't just do something and move on. I have to recheck things and usually for a set number of times. I know I am so weird!!! I am very patterned and habitual. Like I can't wash my hands once, its ALWAYS 3 times. God bless my heart!!

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I am always late. It seems that when I try really hard to not be late, I always end up being even later.

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Procrastinating. I have to have a serious deadline or else it doesn't get done! For example, most of my housework finally gets done when we're going to have guests over. I'm sooooo bad.