Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

It's the weekend! Yeah baby, yeah. :cool:lol

Today's is......
Name 5 things on your to do list for this weekend...random or totally's your call

Here are mine:
1) Cut Wayne's hair
2) Go shopping for Wayne's birthday
3) Get the materials to make an erupting volcano with the daycare kids
4) Mail a letter to one of my best IRL friends Danielle
5) Get our tax stuff in order

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1) Go to the doctor.
2) Scrap tonight!
3) Head out of town to visit a friend.
4) Go to church.
5) Go watch the canoe race! (I am really sad I don't get to this year. Sad The ONE year it's nice, I can't.)

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  • Fold laundry
  • Take Spring pictures of Brody and his baby cousin
  • Go to church
  • Scrapbook
  • Start to pack Brody's stuff for our beach trip
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    -work on yard
    -grocery shopping
    -clean bathrooms

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    1. Organize kids' toys
    2. Clean out dressers
    3. Play outside! Smile
    4. Grocery shopping
    5. Order pics from snapfish

    And #6 will be scrapbook if I have time!

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    1. Go to funeral
    2. Do laundry
    3. Do taxes
    4. Clean kitchen
    5. Sleep. Hopefully.

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    1. organize scrapbooking stuff
    2. finish easter cards
    3. Laundry- sort Karl's clothes and re-organize
    4. Brush McKenna
    5. Re-organize "plastics" in kitchen. Karl loves to pull all my glad containers and his dishes out of the buffet.

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    1. do laundry (lots of it)
    2. order prints of some recent pics, since I am out of pics to scrap :shock:
    3. buy MIL a bday present
    4. go to the IL's for dinner sunday night to celebrate her bday
    5. mop kitchen floor??? (notice this is LAST on my list)

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    -Hang my shelves and wall art
    -Cancel my gym membership
    -Make progress on my deep cleaning list
    -Order pictures
    -Go on a date with DH on Saturday!!!

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    1. order cake for Tyson's party.
    2. clean house
    3. scrapbook
    4. order prints
    5. fix computer

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    1) Do laundry
    2) Go to Costco - buy laundry soap lol
    3) Wash floors
    4) Scrapbook
    5) Work

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    1) Put the finishing touches on a b-day gift for tomorrow.
    2) Go on a walk, it's so nice out!
    3) Go to a b-day party tomorrow
    4) Church
    5) Work on ordering pics too

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    1. Clean out Kayson's closet. Really.
    2. see above (because if I put anything else on my list, I will get to it to procrastinate the above)
    3. see number 1.
    4. see number 1!
    5. see number 1!!!

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    I am not feeling too ambious really. For once we have nothing planned ahead of here is my list...whether it happens or not I don't know! Xavier is running a fever so might scrap all my plans and just snuggle with him.

    ~planning on scrapping alone tonight
    ~Re-arranging Xavier's bedroom because we set up his twin bed and it takes up too much room where it is.
    ~Hang pictures in Xavier's room because we still haven't done that and since we have his big big boy bed set up, I think it's time to finish his room!
    ~Go to church.
    ~Spend any extra time snuggling with DH and/or Xavier.

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    take a nap Wink
    go to bunco Biggrin
    get rid of this grey cat!
    go to the store and get tp Lol
    who knows what! maybe clean, maybe take another nap, craft ???

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    1. bowling (our couple's league)
    2. give Miles a bath
    3. laundry
    4. Serve coffee at church
    5. sit online Biggrin

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    1. make baby shower cake
    2. get tattoo done
    3. finish baby shower advice book
    4. attend baby shower

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    1. Go to Work Sad
    2. Go to the gym
    3. Go to Work Sad
    4. Go over credit report
    5. Do some shopping (online most likely)