Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

1st, could someone plz post one for the weekend tomorrow cuz I dont know how early I can get on here. Thanks!

What do you like/dislike most about yourself?

Physically I like the color of my eyes most...they are light green...
I dislike my fat gut. I look like a damn kangaroo. lol

Not physically speaking I like my ability to juggle a million things at once and finish them all, or at least most. lol This will come in very handy when we have kids. Wink
I dislike how I always take the easy route when it comes to food...I'll run on the treadmill, and yet, can I NOT eat a bunch of junk food before and after? I'm a mess. lol

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physically, I like my stomach. Smile Even after having a baby, I don't think it's too bad. LOL I HATE my thighs!!! Hate. And my crooked nose from when I broke it. :rolleyes:

Emotionally, I tend to trust people too easily and I have a hard time saying "no". I guess my favorite trait about me (non-physically) is I love to work hard. I can't just do nothing...I've always got to be productive.

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Physically- I like my smile and dimples. I dislike my stomach/thighs.

Emotionally- I like my ablility to relate to people/be a good listener. I dislike my lack of organization, I feel like my life is out of control.

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Dislike: my weight

Like: ability to manage projects effectively. It all seems simple to me, but through time and many organizations, employments, etc, I've realized that there are plenty of people who can't manage well or don't want to try. I'm definately a task manager by nature (not a people manager though).

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Dislike: my weight and stomach.
Like: my thick hair even though I never know what to do with it:rolleyes:

Dislike: I often have a hard time making decisions. Am sometimes afraid of saying what I really feel for fear of looking stupid.
Like: I tend to be pretty creative and a do-it-yourself person. Helps a lot with remodeling our house.

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Hate my thick hair and stretch marks

Love how I can always be productive and manage many things at once

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(Physically)- my brown eyes. I love how dark they are and that Ruthie got them from me.
(Emotionally)- That I am a Christian woman who even though I struggle with somethings at times, He's there to pick me up. I am not perfect, but I sure know when I do something wrong.

(Physically)- weight, stretch marks, hair
(Emotionally) I struggle with judgement. It's something I've been trying to work hard. I tend to wonder how I would handle something, and think too hard on it instead of giving it all to Him.

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I hate my belly, with a passion. Ugh.

I like my eyes, and my hair on a good day. Wink