Friday Question of the Day

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Friday Question of the Day

What's your favorite dessert? Smile (Thought I'd ask an easy one so Trina didn't have to think of one today :lol:)

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For an easy question, I can't think of a good answer, I like too many desserts!

I'm gonna have to go with the chocolate flourless waffle cake served at my favorite restaurant. And my everyday favorite is cookies & cream ice cream.

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Oh man. This has changed a lot since my allergies. But I still love pineapple upside down cake and most cakes in general, allergies or no.

I utterly miss sour cream and raisin pie/bars and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I don't know if I'll ever get over that.

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hmm.. hard to pick one, but I am going to go with cheesecake. Yummy.

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cookie dough ice cream.

Although I certainly don't turn down many desserts! Smile

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Chocolate. Anything chocolate!

I think one of my favs is tiramisou, though..

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No bake cookies. No matter what mood I am in, they are always perfect!

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homemade chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk

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Good question! I LOVE pumpkin bread, but that's something we usually eat during the fall and winter time. I also love homemade chocolate chip cookies, but I hardly ever make them either.

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Do I have to pick just one:)

I would say probably pumpkin pie or chocolate brownie sundaes

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this is so NOT an easy one ! lol Wink I like anything with chocolate and peanut butter...and I love any and all cheesecakes...oh and Nanaimo bars! YUM! Good thing today is my day off from exercise and eating healthily....I know what I'll be headed for after work. lol

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Thanks for posting this! It's 2:30 and I'm just now getting here.

If I could pick anything ..... probably lemon meringue pie! I love it so much - and dh hates lemon desserts, so I rarely get it.

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Hummingbird Cake!!! (if you don't know what this is, here's the's simply THE best. I make it all the time when company comes, because if I make one for just us I will eat the whole dang cake!)

German Chocolate cake

Pumpkin Pie

I could live on those three things alone. and water and coffee. Wink

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I love homemade tapioca pudding!!!! That's just the top on a LONG list of sweets I eat! Lol

Just to make you all giggle- I rarely ever eat chocolate and I haven't eaten ice cream since I left my job at Baskin Robbins at the ripe old age of 16. So, we're talking 17 yrs ago now!!!! No gross story about it or anything, I just don't ever crave it.

BTW- DH LOVES ice cream!

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I really don't know... I make killer cheesecakes but I also love most things that are choccie mint... specially brownies. I think I like easier questions! Blum 3

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I love all desserts pretty much too, but mint chocolate chip ice cream has to be my all time fave. Smile

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Alright.... Love Publix Carrot Cake and also Publix Strawberry filled cake. Yummo!

I also love banana pudding!

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I think I would have to say Ice cream. And just leave it at that.

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Chocolate Chip Icrecream is my fav!! Oh, and my mums homemade chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven!

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cheesecake!!!! mmmmm!!!!
i want some right now!! hehehe