frustrated with our local WM

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frustrated with our local WM

Imagine that huh? :rolleyes: We finally had a bit of extra money, so I had planned on going back to our local WM (well the Super Wal-Mart anyways, our local one is still a simple, regular one) and I knew they had some cartridges for $10 and $30. The $10 ones were the solutions ones, like basketball, and baseball. Some of the $30 ones were the Sweethearts, A Child's Year, and a few others, can't remember right now. So, I went back to where they were, and they weren't there. I asked a worker, and she said, they were back in clearance. I was thinking, Yahoo I am getting some cheap cartridges!!!


I go back there and they are $40 and $20!!! What in the world. I was mad. Isn't that stupid? Why would they do that? They aren't selling here b/c nobody knows what a Cricut is. They are selling the colored Expressions for $200 though. Wish I had the money, but we need to save for Honduras.

Just wanted to share my frustration. Wink I knew you would all understand!

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I hear ya! The "clearance" cartridges here are $59.95. It makes me so mad. You can usually get the newer carts for $30 on the internet so maybe that is the best option for you.

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I noticed that too when I was at WM last week. ugh.

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Walmart's one of those stores you absolutely hate, but couldn't live without if you know what I mean!? So frusterating they are doing that! WTH!? Our Walmart just recently stopped carrying any Cricut stuff. Sad Booooo!! I so need blades and mats now too. Sigh. had some of the older carts for $12 last week!! They weren't just solution carts either! There are usually better deals online anyways.

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Our Wal-Mart just dropped the price on some carts from $60 to $40. I can still get them online cheaper though (new and with shipping). I haven't bought a cart from a 'real' store yet, they have all been online.

I get so frustrated with Wal-Mart, but it is the only store close to us. I'd rather go to Target but that is about 40 min away vs. 15 for WM. So I totally agree with Charys dislike it but can't live without it:rolleyes:

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That is so aggrevating. I remember a couple summers ago, several people posted on the Cricut board about finding carts for $5 and $10 at their local Walmart. I got so excited to go check my walmart and there was nothing even remotely close to that.