Frustration (OT)

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Frustration (OT)

I play the cello. I was asked to play in a wedding on the 20th.... and I will earn $150!!!!!

I sat down to put a new set of strings on my cello tonight, so the sound quality would be great for the wedding, and my cello broke!

The "catgut" the holds the tailpiece in place snapped. Then my soundpost fell.

I live in an area where string instruments are NOT taught and played very often. I don't even know of a music store to take this too.

So I have 1.5 weeks, still need to practice, and now NO CELLO. All the money from the wedding is going to have to go to pay for repairs. There goes any extra cash.

Frustrating! I'm waiting to hear back from my duet partner. I'm hoping he has a cello hiding somewhere, a miracle store nearby, or SOMETHING!

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Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope you can get it repaired easily.

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How awful!! I sure hope you can get it fixed at a good price! Sad

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Oh my gosh. How stressful. I hope you figure something out.

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Oh man!! I too hope you can figure something out in time. GL

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I meet with my partner today. We're going to at least get all the music in order, so we can make a performance book for the ceramony. His wife said that he goes to Des Moines to get his cello fixed. My mom reminded me that when this happened to my violin, it was a really quick fix. So, I'm hopeful now that it won't cost much.... however, Des Moines is 3 hours one way, just to the north outskirt of town! I'm going to have to take an entire day to get it fixed, arrange for someone to pick up my son from school (since my husband has things going on most afternoons), and take Katie with me, as she's still breastfeeding and I don't have enough in the freezer to make it a whole day.

But we'll see more after 11am today. I'm hoping that someone from the Ft. Dodge Symphony can lend me a cello for 2 weeks, and then hubby can take my cello to be fixed when he goes to a conference in Des Moines at the end of the month. Ft. Dodge is only 1.5 hours away, I'm actually going their tomorrow with the whole family and I did used to play in the symphony there, so maybe someone will remember me.

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I hope that some one can lend you a chello. That sounds like the best situation.
Good luck!

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Found out that the public school in the town my son goes to school in has an orchestra program. Got in contact with that teacher and she got me numbers for music stores in MN. There is a store about an hour north of that town. So on Monday, after I drop my son off at school, I'll head up there and they'll fix my cello right then and there. If there are any complications, they will personally bring the cello back to the town my son goes to school in on Wednesday and I can get it from the orchestra teacher Wednesday afternoon.

Thinks it should be a cheap fix. Mankato isn't so far to go to and there is a Sam's Club there so I can get laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, etc while I'm there. It's a trip I've been needing to make too so that's great.

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Things are looking up. I hope the repairs are low cost and you get some shopping you need to do and still make some money from the wedding. Hmmmm, who knows, that could be a little side job!!

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That sucks Sad Sorry to hear about it - hope you can get it fixed quickly and cheaply!