a fun word tool

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a fun word tool

i came across this fun word tool on one of my friend's blogs here from pg.org.

i created one last night with things that i currently love (you can see it on my blog if you want). you can print them out and i think it would be really cool to use on a scrapbook page!! i plan to make one for one of miles' upcoming pages


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that is SO awesome! thanks for sharing! that website went into my fave folder for sure!

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I ahve seen this before, but thanks for reminding me of it!! This is so neat!

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that is pretty cool!! TFS

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So very cool!! TFS. Wink

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Very coo TFSl!

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LOL, I never thought to use Wordle for scrapbooking. My husband uses it every week. He puts in his sermon to see what words are used the most to make sure the focus of the sermon is correct.

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That is pretty neat! Thanks!