Funk and Frusterated

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Funk and Frusterated

UGH! I am in such a funk and I only have exactly one month from today before Ryne's 1st bday party!! I feel so overwhelmed with the amount of LO's I still have to do ontop of the planning I still have to do for his party. Thankfully my job has cut my hours down (haha I never thought i would be HAPPY about less money) We are not busy and it has allowed me to get more things done during the day and night when DH is home. What is really bad about it is I bought a folding table from Walmart two weeks ago to set up a space for scrapping as I didn't want my kitchen to be a disaster area for the next month and I have YET to set it up! Dh is no help at all around the house. Its getting kind of ridiculous, he does the dishes and throws in some laundry but will walk into the bedroom and throw the CLEAN clothes that have been folded onto the floor instead of walking TWO freaking feet to put them away!!! AHHH!! I just needed a vent and I knew I could come to you girls for it! Thanks for listening! Smile

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Oh, I'm so sorry! I've been in a small scrapbook funk myself. I'm not behind on my layouts (I tend to do 1 page at a time) but can't get beyond this 1 LO b/c I don't have the materials I need, nor can I buy them right now. I think that sometimes our priorities change changing our course. Don't get too worried, figure out what your mission is now and maybe if you accomplish it you can get back to the scrapbooking.

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Oh man! I totally know what you're going through. I usually go in spurts and get a WHOLE BUNCH done then dont do anything for a couple months...thats where I am now Wink thus the no pics Lol Sometimes that pressure is Juuusst enough to get you going again. I always get inspired by coming here and looking at everyone elses work, that helps too! I hope the funk leaves soon for you!

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I know the feeling. I am in a funk of LOs right now. I am doing cards, but no LOs. I have about 6 months to do this whole year. :o Don't worry to much, and do what you can.

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I have totally been there. I did the same thing before T.J.'s birthday. I made DH take the kid and leave for several hours and then locked myself in the office. I managed to get several layouts done this way. I didn't get all of the layouts done that I wanted to in time for his party but I got the big ones so nobody really noticed but me. Since his birthday, I have done NOTHING! Sometimes a break is in order. I feel the bug coming b back on so hopefully I can get some done soon.

As far as your DH goes, I had to give mine a list. I was so stressed about the party planning that I had to make a list of things I wanted done. I marked the most important and then I marked the ones that needed done but not necessarily done by me. A few things, I just had to let go. When I gave DH his list, he started to protest but after seeing the look in my eye, he did it and everything turned out great. Hope it works out for you!