Funnel Cloud touched down! (XP and OT)

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Funnel Cloud touched down! (XP and OT)

A Funnel Cloud touched down outside the big city near me last night (about 20 min away).

I am soooooo freaked by tornados, and that just blows me away (pardon the pun). Friends of mine saw it and took pictures - I just know if it had been me I wouldn't have been taking pictures, I'd be hiding! This isn't the picture my friend took (hers was on Facebook and super tiny when I tried to 'save as'), this is from the newspaper online:

Just a little too close for comfort!!!

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Oh wow!! Yes, that is close! Glad to hear you are okay Trina.

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so glad that it wasn't in your front yard ...

but I would have been taking pictures ROFL

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Wow!! That is so scary!! We get tornado watches here sometimes and my husband totally freaks out. I probably would have tried to take a picture as well (Gwen, you're not alone!) - after my kids were in a safe place first. Wink

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Scary. Just glad that you are okay. Great picture to see.

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I'm glad it didn't amount to much and that everyone is Ok. That is a scary thought. I would also be in the picture taking crowd I think.

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Yikes! I'm glad you're okay! That is scary!

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Scary! Tornadoes are so strange here that everyone still remembers the ONE that touched down 10 years ago randomly.

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One thing I am not going to miss about TN, all the darn tornadoes.

glad you are safe.

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oh crud! That is scary!!

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Yes, TOO close for comfort! Scary! I live in the "tornado alley" of America, but still get nervous when we have one touch down in our county.

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So last week or so it was really stormy...(well by my house it wasn't but the rest of J-ville). DH left the house to go to Blockbuster since I had my eyes dialated that AM. On the way there he called me and said if your eyes can handle it go out side and look towards Shindler there was a "tornado". He actually turned that way to go try to get a pic! Our friend took pictures of one by the bridge. My mom works in downtown and called me to say they were moved to the interior of the building. There were a total of about 4 funnel clouds (waterspouts). Only 1 was confirmed a tornado.

It was pretty scary.

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OMG! very scary. You should scrap it.

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I just love you Tia!!! Lol