Funny, cute little story...

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Funny, cute little story...

....My MIL's b-day was yesterday and DH asks me if I'm going to do anything for her (Cricut-made, since she paid for half). I hadn't even started or even thought about it! :eek: So I told him lets go upstairs and figure out something. We ended up cutting one card and then DH is like oh, I like this (he's looking through the Zooballoo book.......he still hasn't realized I have 5 carts now!!!) I said fine, we'll make 3 cards, one from each of us. He's ends up asking me to cut this, cut that......LOL. Whoa! I think he likes this machine! LOL Here are the works in progress (we didn't have time to finish)....Can you tell which card belongs to DH?

The man got out a stamp pad to make the white background!!! LMAO! It's hard to see in the pic....

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LOL that is so funny about him liking it. I could see that with my dh. When he discovered my printer was really a scanner/copier he went crazy with it. He still loves making copies LOL!

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Those are all great!

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Ugh, I wish my DH was like that!! I've begged him to scrap with me, but no such luck!! It's so cute how he even took the stamp pad and created a background. Tell him he has a future in this. Smile That card is so cool!

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that's so cute! lol. Mine is sorta similar. He swears up and down he doesn't have any interest ...but then I've caught him a few times milling through my scrap stuff and he'll start giving me suggestions. lol

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Those are nice. My DH will write words on my pages cause his handwriting is better than mine, but that's the extent of it.

Nice that you guys can do that together. Smile

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I'm actually kind of glad that my DH isn't into scrapbooking. Why? Cause it's the one thing I can truly say is mine. He has his fantasy sports stuff as his outlet, and I have scrapbooking. We're both very into music (though totally different genre's), and photography. We share a lot of the household duties, but this is all mine. I do consult him sometimes for paper choices or quotes but I'm the one who puts it together and even decides which photos to use.

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That is so funny! I can totally picture the entire scene.

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Lol Men are so goofy. They don't want to be interested, but they are to an extent! He did a good job!

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what a cute DH! that sounds like you had fun together. ; )