Funny "Father's Day" things I did

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Funny "Father's Day" things I did

So whenever we have our chinchillas out for a run or something Wayne is always saying "Go to Mommy" about me....he doesn't know yet as he is still asleep but I made him "Father's Day" cards off the chinchillas for him to make him laugh...even made up poems. LMAO
So a little background on the poems...Caylee is the super cuddly one and, while both jump all over Wayne and I, Smokey is super jumpy and runs away if you pet him. lol....but he's also a daredevil and will jump off anything, hence the sticker on his card ...the pics on the fronts are when we 1st got them and the inside ones are now Biggrin
oh, and Gornall is our last name in case you were wondering why I put "Chin-Gornall"'s all for a laugh...okay it's official...I'm sad. LOL!

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those poems are great!! seriously, they could be published! Biggrin
your chinchillas are so adorable. i'm not sure i've ever seen a chinchilla in real life! i'm sad! LOL

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how creative!!! That is so adorable! So... what did hubby think about them?

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Did you write those poems??? I'm so impressed girl! those are the cutest cutest cutest cards ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok those are absolutely adorable. you are so creative!! i love it!!

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Sooooo adorable! Not sad at all!!

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Karen you are so very funny! You made me lmao!

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Awesome poems! So incredibly creative!

They put a smile on my face, so I bet you made Wayne's day!

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How sweet Karen! I LOVED them!!

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You are so cute Smile Love the cards and the poems.

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Karen, these are so cute!!!

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Karen, you rock! I love these! your poems are adorable and I love the pictures and the whole concept. What did Wayne say when he saw the cards?

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That is so cool! I bet her loved those!!!!

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Those are great!

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thanks guys Biggrin Wayne loved them...and yep I wrote the poems. lol. I get it from my Mom...she actually wrote cutesy little poems like these when we were about each of us kids...I'm dying for her to find mine so I can scrap it Biggrin