funny pic but bad quality photo

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funny pic but bad quality photo

I really wanted to get a pic of how much freaking snow we've you can see it's almost up to our knees!!....but, it's VERY hard finding a way to get a pic of both you and hubby at the same time with no one around I brought out a chair to balance the camera on with timer...the chair sunk right in the snow of course lol. So I went back in and got two tupperware tubs and stacked those and then the camera on top. lol. I didn't even think to check the darn pic til we had got back inside...ugh...think it's still worth scrapping? I may have to bribe Wayne with chocolate to let me try it again. He's getting royally sick of me and my alter-ego "Snap Happy" Lol

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Neat photo - and that's a lot of snow! We have lots, but not that much. I have an alter ego, too - shutterbug. lol.

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That is so funny. I did something similar. I bright the chair out and took 2 pictures, but never realized that I was too far back on the chair and the chair is cutting us off at the bottom. Ugh!

Look at all that snow! Crazy what this December has been like, isn't it?

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Wow! That is a lot of snow! But a cute picture and definitely scrappable. Smile

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Wayne agreed to try it again as long as he decides when. LOL What nerve. lol
Oh well...hopefully this next pic comes out a lot better ...and if not, I can just bear with this one!

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LOL. I was thinking "That's not so much snow"... but to people who don't get that much snow, that's huge. I think you're cute, even with the condensation halo. Smile

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How far up in BC are you? are you close to us WA kids?

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What a cute pic! It is definately scrappabale. Looks like you guys have about as much snow as we do. Its very rare for Oregon.

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thanks guys...

yeah quite close to WA. We're on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo so really close to the border. Smile