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    I woke up at 5am on Jan 22 having contractions, when I went to the bathroom I had quite a bit of bloody show. I was in labor! I tried to go back to sleep but was too excited and the contractions were strong enough I couldn’t fall asleep. A little after 6am I went downstairs to tell Jim that he wasn’t going to work that day. I was expecting to have a baby by lunch time with how fast Parker’s labor went (6 hours total) so I didn’t want him going anywhere.
    At about 9am I called my mom to tell her not to plan on going anywhere for the day (since Friday is when she takes my Grandma grocery shopping I didn’t want her out and about in town when I needed her!) She was on call.
    However, by 10 am the contractions were still no longer than 30 seconds long and anywhere from 5 -25 minutes apart. I was wishing I had let Jim go to work so that he could have gotten in a half day, even though he was still doing some work from home. I ended up taking a walk to the post office….the long way, hoping that it would get things moving a little more. No go. There were a couple of times that I thought labor had stopped when I had to wait over 20 min for a short contraction.
    After debating whether we wanted to head to the hospital or not we fed the kids, called Grandma and decided to leave a little before 1pm. We thought about stopping at a store or two on the way but decided just to go to the hospital and see if I was actually making any progress. I was a little scared that they would tell me I was barely dilated and leave me wishing that I would have stayed home.
    We got checked in and up to the room where we waited for the doctor, he just happened to be at the hospital discharging another patient. We met him for the first time (he was covering for my doctor while she was at a conference) and then he checked me. He said I was at a good 6cm and he could stretch me to 7cm! It made me feel a lot better knowing that my strange, sporadic contractions were actually doing something! He said I had a bulging bag of waters and he could break it if I wanted, but we thought we would wait awhile and see what happened. I did get some drugs in my IV a couple hours later because they didn’t want to give me anything after I reached 8cm’s. So when I got to 7cm’s I decided to get something, even though I wasn’t doing too badly, before I missed my opportunity. Whatever they gave me made me so dizzy I thought I was going to be sick. Then I was getting hot flashes and shaking like crazy. The nurse said that the meds were making me dizzy but not the rest that was just my body reacting to labor. I’m pretty sure that it was the drugs since I was fine until two minutes after they injected it. They started a saline drip because I hadn’t eaten anything that day and that eased the dizziness some. Eventually the effects wore off and didn’t ease the pain of delivery at all. Looking back I think that I should have gone without.
    We just hung out watching tv and dozing till around 5pm when the nurse asked if I wanted my water broken when the doc was done with his clinic hours at 5:30. We decided we would have him do it and waited a little more. At 5:30 I had them un-hook the monitors so that I could go to the bathroom and then we decided to walk the halls until the doctor came. After about 10 minutes of walking, Jim’s supper came and we decided to go back to the room. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, eating a popsicle, when I had a contraction. I then had a sharp pain like someone punched me, I heard a pop, and then realized that my water had just broken. We called the nurse in and she got me hooked back up to the monitors. This is when things really started to pick up! The contractions were still a little sporadic anywhere from 6 minutes apart to 2 minutes but they were much more intense and I began shaking uncontrollably at times. What a crazy feeling that is! When the doctor came he said I was 8cm. I was also still a little posterior and he said that there was a lip on my cervix, he didn’t think that I would have too much trouble pushing past it though. Before he went to get ready he said that if I got the urge to push I should go ahead. While he was gone I started pushing a little, after a few smaller ones I had one huge push and at first thought that the baby had come out because of the intensity of it. The nurse immediately called for the doctor to come and another nurse. She said that I had just moved the baby down a good 2-3 inches with that one push! Less than an hour after my water broke and after maybe 20 minutes of pushing Garin was born. They handed him to me and I got to watch him turn from blue to pink as he cried. His face was quite bruised and blue from his fast arrival and from the cord being around his neck, but other than that he was perfect! We were both surprised to have a boy, since we were thinking girl
    About 5 minutes later I delivered the placenta and then the doc finished up with me. He did give me a couple of stitches for an ‘abrasion’. He was debating whether to stitch or not but thought it would heal better if he did.
    Garin latched on and nursed within the first hour. I was VERY excited about that since it took the other two kids a couple of weeks to be able to latch on without using a nipple shield.
    All in all, things went really well and we came home after he hit the 25 hour mark and had his heel pricked. I feel great this time around (and I thought I recovered quickly last time!) although tired with a newborn.
    I am sooooo glad that we decided to wait on the induction, especially since he was born 48 hours later, on his own, naturally. He is doing great and is a very happy, mellow baby. We just pray that it stays this way He is adored by his siblings and they always want to know where baby Garin is and if they can sit by him. We are still having a hard time believing that we had 3 kids!

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    AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!! I love birth stories, and I really think yours is great. And I know that feeling of the pop - my boys were the ones I didn't have my water broken for (both broke before the hospital). And I wonder what meds they gave you. I had nubain with Andrew, and that made me loopy and did NOTHING for the pain. Ugh. Congrats on a great birth!
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    Aww, I didn't know you were on team green! What a great birth story....I remember I thought dd1 was a boy and all I could say after she was born was " I thought I was having a girl!" Haha.

    He is a real cutie and that is great that he latched right on!

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    Thanks for sharing your story! That's crazy that it went so quickly (in the end) . He's a cutie!
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    awww what a wonderful story! it was a pleasure reading it
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    awww that was awesome! I remember a pop when my water broke during a contraction with DS. Congratulations on your new little one...I love reading birth stories (I can live vicariously through those with new LOs for now )

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    ahh, what a truly wonderful birth story! I love reading ones like that. So happy you had a natural labor without having to be induced. And yay for a little surprise! Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    Loved your birth story! I'm glad everything is going well and your other kiddos are enjoying their new brother!!

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    What a great story and a beautiful picture of him Lena. Congrats again!!
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    So glad he's happy and healthy! What a cutie!

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