Getting digital pages printed

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Getting digital pages printed

I am rather new to this, but I finally have some pages that I would like to print. What do you all recommend......?

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I get mine done at Costco and they come out really nice! and only $3. Wink

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Yep, if you have a Costco membership, that is the best by far. I have mine printed in luster and they turn out great with quick shipping too.

Overall, I still prefer printing in book format vs individual pages.

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I have used and am happy with the quality!

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I use and really like them.

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Thanks for the info! No Cosco around here so I will check out those websites Smile

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www.scrapbook.max is another great website to get pages from. CHeap too,

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I do Costco as well, but Wal Mart also does them - anywhere that prints 12x18 size can do them (if you're scrapping 12x12 that is) - a little trick I do is to get a blank 12x18 digi-canvas, and put the 12x12 and 2, 6x6's on it so I don't waste space and I can give the 6x6's to the Grandmas, all I have to do is cut them... there is an action out there for Photoshop that does this, but I do it manually - when I send them off to be printed they look like this: (because I don't think I explained it well)