Getting started with digi scrapping...

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Getting started with digi scrapping...

I am considering buying the Creative Memories program in order to do digital scrapbooking... I have not had one single second to paper scrap since my dd was born. What do I really need to get started with digi scrapping? What is everyone else using? Are there any free programs? Do any free programs let you print? Apparently there is a Creative Memories digital program that allows you to print your LOs. Any advice or thoughts is greatly appreciated... I plan to do some serious scrapping this fall/winter when my job slows down and I have more free time, but would love to get started with some snippets here and there.

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Hi! Your DD is too cute! I too became a digi-scrapper shortly after my dd was born. I use Scrapbook Factory Deluxe to do my digi pages and then I upload them to arts or to have them printed.

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I use PrintShop (about $40) for mine. I also have Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, but prefer PrintShop.

I scrap in 8.5x11 so that I can print anywhere.

The only other thing you'll want to invest in is something to store your files on. An external harddrive or at least lots of CDRs. You'll discover how quickly you can accumulate files.

Check out the sticky up above for a list of great sites to start downloading from. You can buy kits for specific themed pages, but there is TONS of free materials out there.

Have fun!

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I highly recomend checking out the sticky because it has tons of links, including a free program.

I like Picture It/Digital Image Pro, I've also used Scrapbook Factory which was a good beginner program.

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I use photoshop, but I started out with a scrapbook maker program - if you buy one, I wouldn't spend more than $20 on it - if you really get into digi-scraping you'll probably change your program 2 or 3 times (I'm on my 4th program). Check out the sticky on getting started, there's a ton of info there!