getting us all out of the rut :) added prize pic

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getting us all out of the rut :) added prize pic

Let's make this board what it used to be!!! I know a bunch of us have been in a scrapbooking rut. (Is that even the right word?) Anyhow, when I get stuck for months I always have to scraplift a page first to get me going on my own again. What do you all think if I created a page and added step by step pics for us all to follow. (Remember when we did this with the page of Jazz sleeping) Then for some inspo I will draw a name for everyone who creates the page and send them a cool prize. (very cool prize) So what do you think? If there are at least 5 people who will do it then I will create a page this weekend. Also, how long should we have? 3 weeks or longer?
Let me know what you think:)

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I am in! What an awesome prize too.

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I would like to think I am in! LOL! I'm pretty busy with stuff for DS's bday party this week, but after next weekend I would love to participate! Smile

I also had an idea for a different scraplift challenge to get us moving. Maybe I will organize it after you finish up with this!

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Awesome! I think it will be great and of course I'll do it.

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yay! Glad you gals want to do it. Now we just need a few more. I will put all my pics up step by step but the whole lo will be pictured from start to finish on the first day I post it. Just thought I would let you all know that so you did not think it was a step one, step 2 type thing. Although that was fun when we once had a challenge like that.

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I'm in. Sounds like fun and I haven't scrapped in forever!

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I'm in! What a great idea! I'm so glad you're back to posting with us. Smile

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i really really need to start on kylees book..yes i just said START on it! she has about 2 pages, poor baby girl! I really hope this kicks me in the butt and gets me motivated to work on her book! (i wont even mention how i havent caught Ryan up, i think the last thing i scrapped for him was his 2nd birthday!)

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I will most likely play!

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As long as I'm not in labor etc I'll play. So I'm really more of a maybe at this point. Last thurs the dr measured me at 2-3cm already and i've been feeling consistent pain & pressure since yesterday around lunch. So we'll see.

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Since we have over 5 gals:D (hopefully more in the next few days) we will go ahead with the page. I will make it and post by monday or tuesday night. Everyone can work at their own pace and post the finished page when they are done. I think we could give it 3 to 4 weeks so everyone can have a chance to get it done.
Brittney- congrats and as much as I want you to join I would love to see baby pics!