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gift ideas

I know Christmas is months off but just trying to keep my mind busy and wondering if anyone has any ideas for homemade gifts that were hits? Any and all age categories are welcome as I have a large family to make for ...I know my Grandma still raves about the card sets I gave her last year so I will do that again for her as well as a couple of my sisters. One of my sisters never gives cards though so that won't work for her. lol. ....My Grandma always used to go nuts when I'd do her a sketch for the cover of the church newsletter she puts together...she still hints every time we talk but I'm always way more into scrapping...but I'm planning on doing one for each month of 2010 as a second gift. That should keep her from fretting about what to use for a while. I thought about doing those ready to go jars for chocolate chip cookies for my young niece and nephew with little cookie cutters hung off the jar with ribbon...just a fun change from all the toys...but I know they'd wanna make them straight away and I wonder if my sisters will be thinking "yeah cuz Christmas isn't crazy enough without my kid wanting to bake IMMEDIATELY" :rolleyes: hmmm...any ideas...?

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GREAT question...I'm hoping you'll get good responses cause I am wondering about this too. Smile

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I know for my parents and grandparents last year I made a scrapbooking page with a picture of all of the kids and then framed them. Each individual to the person. I also did Photo cubes one year as well. But not sure if that is the sort of thing you are looking for.

The card sets are a good idea that I may have to do this year.

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All the ladies in my family this year are getting card sets. I'm trying to think of other crafty ideas that I can make too.

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We have done home-made hot cocoa cones (with cone shaped plastic baggies) and then chocolate dipped/peppermint rolled spoons...

The cookie mix jars are fun, but if the kids want to make then right away then you could do a sugar cookie dough, rolled and frozen, then wrapped in a kid size apron and dangle some cookie cutters...

For tweens, teens, new moms, etc, a "getting started" scrapbook is a hit: we choose an 8x8 scrapbook and put together items for "theme" pages in envelopes (which can be opened separately if you want to extend the receiving joy), for example the paper, coordinating papers already cut out, stickers and other embellishments for birthday, various holidays, summer-time fun, friends, a favorite sport, etc. You can even complete the first page as a dedication page to the receiver.

I will keep thinking...

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I made packs of thank yous for both my grandmas last year, and I have already had requests for more from my mom and one grandma. I am trying to be frugal this crafty stuff might be a bulk of the gifts!

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This is a neat idea -

You could do these, too - Just mix the dry ingredients in a mug and decorate it, make a tag with the instructions (and what to add, etc). I'm planning on making these for girls at work.

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

You could do these, too - Just mix the dry ingredients in a mug and decorate it, make a tag with the instructions (and what to add, etc). I'm planning on making these for girls at work.

OMG that looks so good!!!!!!!!! Trina you are a bad, bad girl!!! Lol I am trying to undo the damage my mother did with her cake and brownies this weekend and that surely is not gonna help! ROFL

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I've done the brownie and cookie mixes in Mason jars and they have always been a big hit. With grandparents I always do a mini-album of sorts. I will try to find the instructions for the Exploding box and post it tonight ok? I'm late getting ready for work or I'd look some more. Gwen may have it too.

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Trina- OMG! My mouth is watering over that chocolate!!

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I found some plate out of an ABC catalog that had words on them to hang up in the kitchen. I plan on hitting a few local antique stores looking for some neat plates to add some vinyl too. I might personalize a few saying, "Nana's kitchen", but most will say things like this. HTH!

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Last year I did a pack of cards for Dh's family.

For my parents, I always do a snapfish calendar with my kids and my brothers kids.

My thinking for Dh's family this year is homemade currant syrup and a pancake mix in a jar.